Nose Pad Basics for better Product knowledge

Nose Pad Basics for better Product knowledge

Nose Pads Basics

Our replacement nose pads cover about 98% of the "Prescription frame" nose pads plus many used on sunglasses.  We carry only the highest quality product selected based on our 25 years in this business. 

 Basics:#1 “Mounts” How a nose pad is secured to the frame:  Types of mounts: Push-On" the nose pad is pushed into a Rectangular box, a variation is the Primadonna the mount insert has small ears to keep nose pads secure, next type"Screw-On" the nose pad mount is pushed into a Square box part of the frame then a small screw is inserted. Next type: "Slide-On" used primarily in Rimless Frames the nose pad is slide into a bent wire portion of the frame and final type:“Bayonet” a piece if wire is goes into the end of nose pad”

Basics #2 Materials: "Silicon" soft to the skin often the nose pad is molded around a mount (push-on or screw-on) insert which is made of poly carbonate a type of performance plastic, note silicon while soft does absorb skin oils and can darken over time, we only use premium silicone from Manufacturers from Germany or Japan.  FYI, nose pads that state will not discolor or use a silicone variation the added material is generally vinyl.  We do not use Chinese brands of silicone.  The alternative materials we offer are “Poly-Carbonate" for Large rigid pads and “Ultra-Thin” Pads, the final material used is PVC Polyvinylchloride for our semi-firm pads.

Basics #3 Shape and Size  “SIZE MATTERS” If your frame and lens is Large or heavy use a larger nose pad a larger nose pad will spread out the load if your frame and lens are smaller use a smaller pad.  Another option is to use a “Saddle Strap” nose pad it is one strap both sides are connected.  “Shape”, select the shape that will fit you best “D” shape is the traditional shape, but there is a left and right side if that is difficult try Oval or Tear drop they can be fit to either side.

Every Nose pad listed in this store has detailed descriptions attached to its listing if you have any questions please contact us.

Below are select products to illustrate Nose Pad Basics