Rimless Assembly & Repair Parts

Rimless Assembly & Repair Parts

Rimless frame assembly and repair parts 

  • SA101 Rimless Hex Nut, Silver Finish, 100 count SA101 Rimless Hex Nut, Gold Finish, 100 count

    Tabco Optical

    SA101 Rimless Hex Nut, 100 count Nickle Silver

    Machined Hex Nut standard 00-90 thread, ACF (across the flats) 2.25m / .089", Material: Nickel silver a copper alloy resistant to tarnish often used in Jewelry and eyewear part color is silver. Packaged Price per 100 pieces with bulk pricing...
  • NP660 Monopad Silicone Round 9mm 25 Pairs (NP660) NP660 Monopad Silicone Round 9mm 25 Pairs (NP660)

    Tabco Optical

    Slide-On Silicone Round 9mm 25 Pairs #NP660

    Slide-On Silicone Round 9mm in 25 pair bags  Mix-N-Match   Specialty Nose Pads and Related items $9.00 per bag on 2 to 4 bags, $8.50 on 5 to 9 bags and $8.00 on 10+ bags Final price determined by “Shopping Cart Total”...
  • Smart Drill II with complete NEW Digital electronics package: Counters, Encoders, Scales, Box and Wiring same as used on the current Smart Drill III v4.  Starting with a Smart Drill II trade-in we completely dismantle the entire machine clean it, replace non-functioning, worn or bent parts then replaced all glide materials in drill press and lens table.  This machine shows cosmetic worn and use.  We added important updates to improve function including the front support bracket, lens table position lock, etc.  Reassembled, align and test the Smart Drill.  This machine can provide excellent value without buying a new Smart Drill III, please note this machine has been used and has cosmetic damage.  Please note we do not repaint and or replate parts for appearance.

We sell the machines as complete systems along with the Smart Drill we include setup to your blocking system, Ten count package of assorted drill bits, our K4000 and K4100 Rimless Repair Kits, CD with Rimless Drilling formula Charts, Axis alignment bar and Packaging and Shipping to any US address. 

Specification for this Refurbished Smart Drill II comes with newest model most advanced Smart Drill counter system.  This system makes manual rimless lens drilling easy with digital readout for processing all types of three-piece mountings.  Digital counters with 0.04 mm accuracy provide the most precise measurements in the industry.  Very little training required.  Most rimless jobs can be drilled in about two minutes! Complete system including supplies and setup for your blocking system.  Shipping to any US & Canada location included.


- New enhanced digital display
- 0.04mm Accuracy for easy read-out repeatability
- Adapts to all edger blocking system with lens arms adjustable for edger axis
- Variable speed motor 3,000 to 20,000 RPM with Tabco’s Precision drill collet
- Lens Table designed for quick operation
- Lens Table & Drill Press lock for shaped operations on Flair frames

Complete Drilling Package:
- Every machine configured to customer edger blocking system
- Drill charts; our complete library of drilling coordinates on a CD and six months updates w/ email and phone support
- Drill bits;10 pieces of our most used drill bits or customer selected assortment (t1320.xxx)
- Rimless Repair Kits; all the parts needed to get started (K4000) and K4100
- Tabco’s Axis alignment tool (76911)

Delivery please allow 1-2 weeks for order processing Smart Drill II Refurbished

    Tabco Optical

    Smart Drill II Refurbished

    This item is intended to display to current Smart Drill II owners the Rebuilding - Upgrade option available.  Complete rebuilding of your Smart Drill II around $1,200 turnaround time one week in our facility.  We have no complete units no...
  • New picture is coming soon the picture is of an older model.  Smart Drill's are designed and assembled in the United States mainly with US Parts our drill motor comes from Luxembourg.  Motor designed for precise drilling.  Need a hole drilled to say 1.40mm use one of our drill bits size of 1.40mm  drill the hole and you get a 1.40mm hole job done.

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    Smart Drill III v4

    Smart Drill III v4 List $2,895.00 New picture is coming soon the picture is of an older model.  Smart Drill's are designed and assembled in the United States mainly with US Parts our drill motor comes from Luxembourg.  Smart Drill III version...
  • K4100 Rimless Repair Kit #2 K4100 Rimless Repair Kit #2 Contents

    Tabco Optical

    K4100 Rimless Repair Kit #2

    Offered here is Kit #4100 (Kit#2) Hex Head screw, Caps to cover any screws, slide-in nose pads and compression sleeves “five” different sleeves We offer a comprehensive assortment of parts for the assembly and repair of Rimless eyewear. Kit...
  • TS418 Rimless Assembly Pliers

    Tabco Optical

    TS418 Rimless Assembly Pliers

    Designed for assembly of Silhouette and similar frames with secured compression mounts 6.5” long.  Currently sold out more expected soon.
  • Omni-Nut Rimless Assembly (SM423)

    Tabco Optical

    Omni-Nut Rimless Assembly

    Rimless Assembly Made Easy - The Omni-Nut combines the functions of a hex nut, washer, and nut cap all into one piece.  The ideal solution for rimless assembly and repair. $29.70 for 60 count Uses 2.5mm hex; TS218