Temple Repair

Temple Repair

Terminology: On your glasses the side arms are the Temple arms or just called temples.  

Temple end repair the number one issue is core size which is the inside diameter of the temple or cable end being repaired or replaced.  Temple tips plastic and silicone the most common size is 1.6mm other sizes are 2.0mm, 1.4mm and 1.2mm  Cable ends typically are 1.4mm core (inside diameter) some are 1.2mm.

We also offer type of Heat shrinkable tubing which can be used  two ways; 1) To cover worn or tarnished metal temple arm above the temple Tip and 2) add on to a worn damaged temple tip.

Cable end; Your temple arm ends with a spring like wire that wraps around your ear these are called cable ends.  We offer soft silicone cable end covers that slide one to protect your ear from the hard metal.  We also offer replacement cable ends.  Please keep in mind that silicone frames products will absorb oil from your skin and discolor over time.    

Instruction:  Temple Tip and Cable end Repair and replacement instructions are available.  When you place your order in notes to store section  ask for instructions we will email them to you as part of our notification that your order has been shipped.