Deluxe Screwdriver w/blade# TS204 Set #TS220

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  • TS220 Short Deluxe Screwdriver with a TS204 screwdriver blade Included, pictured as we sell it.
  • TS220  Deluxe Screwdriver with a TS204 screwdriver blade in handle
  • TS220 Deluxe Screwdriver handle


Deluxe Screwdriver handle with doubled ended screwdriver blade #TS204 handle's overall length is 3-3/8".  Handle and cap made of brass with nickel platting, Hex Cap has designed to fit in to the palm of your hand so your fingers can rotate the handle to tighten or remove a screw.  The handle accepts the entire series of doubled ended screw drive blades and hex nut wrenches.  The handle is made and assembled in the United States by our firm.

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