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SM722C LONG Self-Aligning Screw; 1.2mm Thread, 2.0mm Head, 12mm Length

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NEW E-Z Snap Series: Hold-Twist-Break-Off  1) Screw into hinge, 2) hold the hinge with fingers, with Needle nose pliers twist off the extra expose screw until it breaks off.  Most break-offs are clean and do not need any additional attention. 

Long #SM720 Self-Aligning Screw; 1.2mm Thread, 2.0mm Head, Overall 12.3mm Length, Stainless Steel with Red thread coating, 100 count vail for $23.95, Our standard quantity discounts apply three or more vial of fasteners, mix-n-match 15% discount by tenb vials 25% off the the group.

Application:  The extra portion extending out the bottom of the hinge should be removed by either cutting off, recommended tools TS423 screw cutter, or hold the hinge with two fingers one on each side the of the hinge us a needle pliers or Gripper pliers, TS408, twist the extended portion back and forth until it breaks off just below the bottom thread if needed file smooth

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