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Self Aligning Eyewear Screws

Self-Aligning Eyewear Screws often called Spring Hinge Screws: These versatile replacement screws feature a long smooth (unthreaded) point to guide the screw through and align with mating parts often that can be spring loaded.  Also often used for repairs as they can be quickly installed.  Self-aligning screws are made from stainless steel, come in four thread sizes, various lengths and colors are Silver, gold and black (also called gunmetal). 

Application: Select the screw size to match the thread of the screw to be replaced for example on a hinge if the thread is M1.4, the most common size, use an M1.4 or M1.3 threaded screw, the screw tip should   go into the first two barrels of hinge then screw it in until the head is seated on top of the hinge.  The extra portion extending out the bottom of the hinge should be removed by either cutting off, recommended tools TS423 screw cutter, or hold the hinge with two fingers one on each side the of the hinge us a needle pliers or Gripper pliers, TS408, twist the extended portion back and forth until it breaks off just below the bottom thread if needed file smooth.

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